the derby banquet burger $14
smoky bacon, aged cheddar, roasted tomato and classic garnishes

bbq pork ribs $14
smoked & slow roasted w/ house made BBQ sauce, served w/ carrot + celery spears + dip

bbq chicken club sammy $14
smoky bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce & chipotle mayo

applewood smoked wings $12
whole chicken wings, hot or mild smoked & grilled, served w/ carrot + celery spears + dip

portobello mushroom melt $12
portobello mushroom with roasted red pepper, melted gouda on a fresh toasted bun

bowl ‘o` chicken curry $12
hot madras chicken curry w/ potato + tomato

*all of the above served with frites*

pulled porco tacos x 3 $12
carnitas style porco tacos w/ pico, guac, adobo sauce + jack cheese

the derby poutines:

quebec-style $10
curds + chicken gravy + frites

vegetarian $10
curds + mushroom gravy + frites

the derby nachos:

crispy tortilla chips w/ sweet potato cubes, shredded jack cheese, roasted corn niblets,
halved cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced jalapenos & more!

as is (veg) $12
beef chili $14
chicken $14
chorizo $14

lite fare:

basket of fries $5
house salad $6
chicken caesar salad $12


gunner bunner $10
huevos rancheros $11
BLT $8


amsterdam boneshaker
blanche de chambly
london pride ale
mill st cobblestone stout
mill st 100th meridian
beau’s lug tread